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BR - Scan App

- Scan Your Breast at Home & Clinics

BR-Scan device is one of the new health and wellbeing product for women. It is one of the unique inventions for the detection of breast cancer and certain breast abnormalities at home. The use of the BR-Scan Light device as part of your regular routine, assists in finding breast abnormalities, you are visually able to find any unusual changes within your breast at your home. It is recommended that initially, you frequently perform self-examinations as the more often you use the BR-Scan Light device, the more familiar you will become with the inside of your breast and its structure it is easy for you to detect breast abnormalities.


Red blood cells strongly absorb red light (the absorption bands of oxyhemoglobin). The degree of light absorption is determined by the number of blood cells per unit volume of breast tissue. Cysts appear translucent whereas blood-filled cysts, hematomas and neoplastic tumors appear opaque.


So when someone examines her breast with our device BR-Scan Light ( which is having red light ) they can find any abnormalities in her breast and consult the cancer experts or a doctor for further investigation.

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BR Scan App

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BR Scan Screening Guide

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