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BR Scan - Light

- an early breast abnormalities screening, portable non-invasive device for your breast

BR-Scan Light device is a one of the new health and wellbeing product for women. It is a one of the unique invention for the detection of breast cancer and certain breast abnormalities at home. The use of the BR-Scan Light device as part of your regular routine, assists in finding breast abnormalities, you are visually able to find any unusual changes within your breast at your home. It is recommended that initially, you frequently perform self examinations as the more often you use the BR-Scan Light device, the more familiar you will become with the inside of your breast and its structure it is easy for you to detect the breast abnormalities. Red blood cells strongly absorb red light (the absorption bands of oxyhemoglobin).

The degree of light absorption is determined by the number of blood cells per unit volume of breast tissue. Cysts appear translucent whereas blood filled cysts, hematomas and neoplastic tumors appear opaque. So when some one examine her breast with our device BR-Scan Light ( which is having red  light ) the can find any abnormalities in her breast and consult the cancer experts or a doctor for further investigation .

Glass Lens & LEDs: The lens should be placed firmly against the breast which will allow the 10 harmless LED lights (Red) to intensify giving you a translucent view of your breast. If the lens is not in full contact with the skin tissue then the light may not intensify. For hygiene reasons we would advise to wipe the lens clean after each use using a dry tissue or moist cloth.

Display Panel: There are 3 symbols on the display which are LED type ( Red ), brightness intensity indicator and battery life indicator.

Brightness Adjustment: BR Scan Light can be used on all skin colors and breast sizes but the light intensity may need to be adjusted to suit your breast size and/or color. Simply press this button to scroll through the 5 brightness settings to find the one that suits you the best. This will be indicated on the digital display.

Rechargeable Battery: BR Scan Light is rechargeable meaning no additional battery costs. The Battery charge symbol shown on the digital display advises the user how much battery life is left in the device.

BR-Scan Light is a simple and easy to use DIY product.

User guideline :
STEP : 01 > Choose a room that you can make as dark as possible
STEP : 02 > Apply lubricant to your breast skin
STEP : 03 > Turn on BR Scan Light under one of your breasts and look down
STEP : 04 > Keep your BR Scan Light  pressed tightly against your breast skin.
STEP : 05 > Use a mirror so you can see more of your breast and movement of BR Scan Light .
STEP : 06 > Check all areas – including under the arms and high on the chest along with all corners of your breast
STEP : 07 > Follow Steps in BR Scan App and Take Pictures of Your left & Right Breast as per instruction
STEP : 08 > Download the Scan Report and Share it with your Doctor for Review
Note: Please note that BR Scan Light  may require a charge before use

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