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BR Scan - Electro

- an early self cancer screening, portable non-diagnostic device for your breast

BR-Scan Electro device Wii be a revolutionary and highly advanced early breast the principles of cancer detection device based on Electro Impedance Tomography (EIT). There is proven scientific evidence that every single tissue type in the breast has a different electrical conductivity profile.

Based on signals this device will detect the abnormalities in breast. BR-Scan Electro will be the one of its own kind of device which uses advanced digital imaging reconstruction algorithms to identify, locate and size different female breast abnormalities such as malignant tumors, benign cysts, fibroadenomas, etc. irrespective of the physical condition of women.

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BR Scan - Electro: Products
D3S _ BR Scan 1.0 _ Startup Presentation
BR Scan - Electro: Image
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